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Horoscope / Birth chart is the map of the celestial bodies and the zodiac signs in the sky at the date, time and place of birth of the individual. The major inputs to making this map (horoscope / birth chart) is your date of birth (date month and year), your time of birth and the place (city,province, country) that you were born. The place of birth is important because depending upon the latitude and longitude of the place of birth the relative placement of the Zodiac signs and the celestial bodies may vary.

Just as the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west everyday likewise everyday all the 12 zodiac signs rise in the east and set in the west . The sign that is rising in the eastern horizon (between 0 – 30 degrees) at the time and place of birth of the individual is the starting point of this map (horoscope / birth chart) and this same sign is called as the Rising Sign / Ascendent (जन्म लग्न ) of the Individual. This Rising sign / Ascendent (लग्न) is the most important significator of the individual. This Rising sign / Ascendent (lagn) constitutes the first section (house) of the horoscope / birth chart.

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