Your future has always been written in the stars. Stars, planets, and celestial bodies have a unique influence on your life. Each individual birth chart is a unique combination of zodiac signs, planets, and celestial bodies.
Astrology is the science that provides deeper insights into the past, present, and future of the individual. The birth chart, planetary time periods, and planetary transits are all astrological tools to gauge the individual’s path of life. An expert astrologer uses these tools to assess the spiritual causes and happenings in your life. For this reason, astrology has been an unparalleled, unmatched, and unchallenged psychic practice that can look into various timelines and offer remedial solutions for any and every situation. The remedial solutions of astrology focus on:
  1. Removing or reducing the malefic influences in the birth chart, time periods, or planetary transits. This is accomplished through recommended prayers, mantras, rituals, and yantras.
  2. Increasing the effects of beneficial planets, time periods, and planetary transits. This is accomplished through the use of corresponding gems, symbols, and rituals.

Birth Chart/Horoscope reading: 40 min – $75 *

Birth chart readings are the key to finding out every aspect of your life. Through the precise calculation of stars and planets, we are able to help with finances, education, relationships, health, family, and even past lives. Consult our experts, Psychic Anagha, and Psychic Acharya Rajesh for your birth chart readings.

Birth Chart Compatibility (Love): 20 min – $75 per pair *

This service is most effective for couples and potential relationships when the precise birth details are known (date of birth, place of birth, time of birth). If any of these three details are missing, we recommend a photo-matching session instead.

Birth Chart Compatibility (Business): 20 min – $75 per pair *

This service can be utilized to find out what the right business partnerships are for you. If any of these three details (date of birth, place of birth, time of birth) are missing, we recommend a photo-matching session instead.

Auspicious Gem Stone Recommendation: 20 min – $45 *

Gems are helpful in boosting luck, health, career, relationships, and finances. A lucky gem recommendation can bring abundance and prosperity into your life. A recommendation does not include the gem or a detailed astrological session; it is only a consultation for finding your lucky gem.

Auspicious dates/time (muhurat): 20 min – $45/per event *

There is always a right time for everything. If you have an event coming up such as a business start-up, home construction, marriage, or moving into a new home,  a consultation is best in finding out the most auspicious date/time (muhurat).

* + $20 for a detailed report

Choose your Zodiac sign
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Horoscope / Birth chart is the map of the celestial bodies and the zodiac signs in the sky at the date, time and place of birth of the individual. The major inputs to making this map (horoscope / birth chart) is your date of birth (date month and year), your time of birth and the place (city,province, country) that you were born. The place of birth is important because depending upon the latitude and longitude of the place of birth the relative placement of the Zodiac signs and the celestial bodies may vary.

Just as the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west everyday likewise everyday all the 12 zodiac signs rise in the east and set in the west . The sign that is rising in the eastern horizon (between 0 – 30 degrees) at the time and place of birth of the individual is the starting point of this map (horoscope / birth chart) and this same sign is called as the Rising Sign / Ascendent (जन्म लग्न ) of the Individual. This Rising sign / Ascendent (लग्न) is the most important significator of the individual. This Rising sign / Ascendent (lagn) constitutes the first section (house) of the horoscope / birth chart.

Don’t know your Rising Sign?

People with rising sign Aries are ruled by Mars which is a fiery planet by itself. They are represented by the symbol of the male sheep. Aries rising people can be quite feisty/moody, and they’re always on the move. They love to nibble and snack. Their eating patterns are such that they prefer snacking frequently rather than eating full meals. Just by reading this, you might have started to identify some of the Aries’ in your circle.


Aries rising people have a lot of energy. Aries kids tend to be lightly built, very hyper and have very little appetite. They can have energy for the whole day, just from one chocolate bar. Parents of an Aries kid have one common complaint–that their kid doesn’t eat.


Generally, Aries rising people are of light build (unless Jupiter is influencing their rising sign by presence or aspect). They don’t like to sit in one place. Being a Fire sign means they have high energy and are born leaders. Aries rising people love to be physically fit. Exercise is one of the best things for them as it provides an outlet for their high energy. 


Aries people have wavy to curly hair and a relatively longish face. They have charm and glow and child-like, light energy. Children are usually very attracted to those who are Aries rising. Aries men are well built and can be medium to tall. The Aries women have some of the most beautiful hair. They have smaller faces, sharp eyes, and charming personalities.


Aries rising people are more suited to a light diet, preferably vegetarian or white meat only, dairy should be minimized. They should eat small but frequent meals.


Health – prone to runny noses all year long, especially as a child, prone to nosebleeds (especially in summer), headaches/migraines, poor eyesight, fever, vomiting, and occasional fainting, also prone to injuries and accidents due to hyperactivity.

Relationship Compatibility (Rising Signs)- Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius.

Lucky days – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Lucky colors – Cream, Pink, Yellow, Red.

Lucky Gems – Ruby (for education, stomach and back issues), Pearl (for prosperity), Yellow Sapphire (luck and career).

Lucky planets / periods / sub periods / sub sub period – Sun, Moon, Mars & Jupiter.

The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus. Taurus is represented by the symbol of the Bull. Just like their symbol “Bull”,  the people with Taurus as their rising sign are very athletic and muscular in their build. Their neck is quite pronounced, being either very thick, or long,  or both. The Taurus rising women have some of the most beautiful necks, pronounced cheekbones, and chiseled facial features.

When the rising sign is influenced by Saturn (by presence or aspect) their complexion can be tanned, but Taurus’s are typically known to have fair skin. They generally have a  good voice for singing or narration.

These people being of fixed characteristic / nature are sticklers for their views. They may not fight you for their views but will maintain their outlook. Taurus’s have difficulty in updating upon anything that they have previously learnt. They like to stick to what they originally learnt. They are happy in stable, routine jobs. They do not like changes. Even travel for them should be absolutely planned or they will be stressed out. 

Their diet is quite decent and like the Bull, the Taurus men can have a healthy appetite. Taurus people have a good appetite and are more suited to vegetarian food with lots of green leafy salads. They should avoid red meat. They are very good with physically challenging work and work that involves heavy lifting.

Health – prone to cough and cold, laryngitis, stiff neck, throat related issues.

Relationship compatibility (Rising Signs) – Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, 

Lucky days – Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Lucky colors – brilliant white,, all shades of blue, green, pink.

Lucky Gems – Emerald, Diamond, Blue Sapphire

Lucky planets / periods / sub periods / sub sub periods – Mercury, Venus, Saturn.

Gemini’s are ruled by Mercury and denoted by the symbol of twins. Gemini rules the tonsils, shoulders and hands. The typical recognisable feature of Gemini is proportionately (in comparison to the rest of the body) broader shoulders and proportionately longer hands. 

Mercury being the ruler of this sign, the Gemini rising are clever and intelligent. They make interesting conversation and are good and balanced leaders. The major issues that the Gemini faces is confusion, and being torn and unable to choose between options. Even when they narrow down options they are unable to make a decision. All their life they struggle with deciding between two options.

They are quite fun loving and love the outdoors. Being an Air element means that they don’t prefer a complete office or routine job.They have a dual nature and they can comfortably switch roles. Others may find this contradictory, but to them both personalities are their own and they don’t find any contradiction in that. 

The Gemini rising are very creative and like to be active either in sports or arts and crafts. They generally have a large social circle and are fond of parties and making new friends.

Health – they are prone to tonsillitis, allergies (dust, pollen etc), hiccups, asthma, injury to/ pain in the shoulders and hands.

Relationship compatibility (Rising Signs) -Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Lucky days – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Lucky colors – Silver, green, white, yellow, blue

Lucky gems – Pearl, Emerald, Diamond

Lucky planets / periods / sub periods –  Moon, Mercury, Venus.

Cancer rising is ruled by the Moon and denoted by the symbol of a crab. Cancer rules the rib cage, lungs and thyroid gland. The recognizable features for Cancer rising are a round face, plumpish body, and bloated chest. 

The most recognisable traits of Cancer risings are their storytelling skills, imagination, popularity with kids, home decoration, and artistic inclination. However, they tend to lose interest easily. Their imagination is so strong that a lot of the time it’s difficult to figure out if they are telling the truth or narrating their imagination. They are excellent story tellers who can put all their creativity into storytelling and are so convincing as natural storytellers that most people will believe every word of it. The drawback is that they don’t realize when they start to contradict themselves. 

The biggest personality flaw for Cancer rising is trust issues. They are simply not able to trust.  This could lead to relationship issues too. 

If some Cancer rising people also have Moon in the first house of their birth chart, it could give them heightened imagination abilities that could also venture into the realms of hallucinations. Such people make excellent writers, being able to write a variety of genres, from thrillers to detective novels to kids stories. Having a strong moon placement in your birth chart is very essential for success as a writer. 

For any reason, if the moon is afflicted in one’s horoscope it could result in mental health issues. Similarly if Moon is too strong in a horoscope it could also give mental health issues.

Health – prone to mental health issues, thyroid issues, fluctuating weight, lung issues, heartburn and gastric problems. Smoking is a big no no for them. 

Relationship compatibility (Rising Sign)- Scorpio (excellent match), Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus.

Lucky days – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Lucky colors – white, cream, silver, pink, red, yellow.

Lucky gems – Pearl, Ruby, Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire

Lucky planets / periods / sub periods – Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter

Leo is ruled by the Sun and it is represented by the symbol of a Lion. Leo rules the Heart and small intestine. Since the heart is also part of the nervous system Leo also rules the nervous system. 

The typical recognisable feature of a Leo rising person is a broad jaw and face. The face and head is proportionately slightly bigger than the body size. They have sharp eyes and wavy to curly hair. Their hair tends to form a mane (like the mane of the male lion).The hair is thin, soft and has a tendency to fall. Leo risings may start to lose their hair early on.

Leos are born leaders. It’s not easy for a Leo to be a follower. The only situation in which they can be followers is when the leader is either far more intelligent or far more experienced/more spiritually advanced. Leo risings are generally quite gracious and have an aura of grandeur. Leo rising are easily hurt. They tend to take things to heart. They are deep thinkers and love to analyze deeply. Normally quiet, but if the topic is of interest they can talk quite well. They believe in truth and cannot tolerate someone lying. Being a fixed sign means their habits are quite predictable. They have fixed spot(s) for sitting, sleeping, etc and don’t like changes. Once they give their word, they will follow through with it. Their mannerisms reflect grandeur / royalty. 

Health – prone to digestion related or gastric issues, anxiety and palpitations, sensitive skin, heart issues, fevers and heat strokes.

Relationship compatibility (Rising Sign)- Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries, Gemini.

Lucky days – Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Lucky colors – Pink, red, yellow and golden, green

Lucky gems – Ruby, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald

Lucky planets / periods / sub periods – Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury.

Virgo – Earth Element, Dual Character

Virgo is ruled by Mercury and is represented by the symbol of the Virgin. Virgo Zodiac rules the large intestine.

The typical recognizable feature of Virgo is their body shape is apple-shaped, with the maximum width around their waist line. This becomes more pronounced with age. Virgos generally have a very attractive personality. They have sharp eyes, wavy hair, a balanced face and their eyes and face are full of expression. Even when they have a normal conversation their facial expressions are quite animated. The Virgo is very versatile and multi talented; they are simultaneously talented and good in arts and crafts, acting, singing, story telling, dramatics, and sports. Perfectly described as the “’Jack of all trades and master of none”, the multi – dimensional personality of the Virgo results in being good in a lot of areas, but unable to master any one particular skill. 

My personal take on Virgo rising is that the symbol of the Virgo the Virgin does not truly represent the Virgo personality. The ruler of this sign is Mercury which makes them far more intelligent and versatile than what is represented by the symbol of Virgo. I would have chosen the symbol of chameleon  to represent their multi – dimensional nature, intelligence, facial expressions, and unique voice.

Health – prone to digestion related problems, acid reflux, constipation. Should definitely avoid white flour products.

Relationship compatibility (Rising Sign) – Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio

Lucky days  – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Lucky colors – White, cream, green, yellow, light blue

Lucky gems – Pearl, Emerald,  Diamond, Yellow Sapphire

Lucky planets / periods / sub periods – Moon, Mercury,  Jupiter, Venus

Libra is ruled by Venus and represented by the symbol of the balance. Libra rules the lower abdomen which consists of the bladder, kidneys, urethra, and rectum.

The typical recognizable feature of Libra is a very proportionate body, large eyes, generally lighter skin, medium to tall height, and generally very good looking.

Libra traits are – friendly,  easy to get along, non controversial, averse to arguments and disharmony. They are the balancer of any group. The negative trait of this sign is that they avoid decision making. They will keep decision making in a limbo as long as they can.

In my opinion the symbol of the balance does not represent the Libra characteristics to the full. Yes, Libras have a tendency to be neutral in any given situation, however, if I have to choose a symbol for the Libra, it would be the Equus (the donkey), but in a positive sense. The Equus is gentle and peace loving and lives in harmony with those around it. It goes along with whoever is willing to lead and it is a good follower. However, on the rare occasion the Equus will stick its ground and dig its heels in, just as Libra risings tend to do, and then there’s no changing the Equus or Libra’s mind.. 

Libra risings are born lucky. The term “lucky in love and lucky in wealth” is actually a Libra trait. They are lucky in speculation /gambling / lottery etc. 

Health – prone to bladder infections, kidney problems including stones, fissures, skin allergies / eczema.

Relationship compatibility (Rising Sign)- Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo.

Lucky days – Sunday , Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Lucky colors- Brilliant white, offwhite, green, blue, black

Lucky Gems – Pearl, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Blue Sapphire.

Lucky planets / periods / sub periods – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Venus.

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars, and the rising sign is represented by the symbol of the Scorpion. Scorpio rules the reproductive system.

The typical recognizable feature of Scorpios is an athletic, muscular build with large thighs. Another recognizable feature of Scorpio rising is a distinct cleft/pronounced chin. They tend to have sharp features and attractive looks. Another recognizable feature of Scorpio risings are their crude/rough hands and feet.

Scorpio traits – very argumentative (even when they realize they have lost the argument they will continue to try to prove their point), highly emotional and easily unsettled, very competitive, cleanliness freaks, and hard workers. They make great athletes. They are born leaders and tend to be autocratic when in a leadership position. They are skeptics and don’t believe anything without testing or experiencing it themselves. When talking to them you have to build up the background first or they will not accept your logic. Once they put up their mind to anything they don’t stop until they have achieved / accomplished their goal. They don’t appreciate anything that’s easily attainable. They love challenges.

If your spouse is a Scorpio rising, don’t be easily available. Play hard to get. Make everything appear as a very difficult project that is beyond you, and ask for their help. This will make them feel important and like a savior without whom you would have been doomed. Also remember, they are competing with you right from the moment you wake up. If you wake up earlier than them it’s fine, but any day that they wake up earlier than you they will give you a hard time all day.

Scorpio risings don’t have the gift of the gab. They are awkward in communicating, and many times what they say is not related to what they intended to say. They are not good at expressing emotions. If they are angry it means they are feeling love. However, despite their awkward communication skills, they make for quite faithful partners.

Health issues – prone to tooth aches, urine infections, STD’s, piles, prostrate/ gynae problems, irregular periods, excessive heavy periods or painful periods. 

Relationship compatibility (Rising Sign)- Cancer (excellent match), Capricorn, Virgo,  Pisces, Taurus, Libra.

Lucky days – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.

Lucky colors – pink, yellow, milky white, red 

Lucky gems – Pearl, Ruby, Yellow Sapphire

Lucky planets / periods / sub periods – Sun, Moon, Jupiter

Sagittarius – Fire Element, Dual Character (partly moving and partly fixed)

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and is symbolized by the symbol of an Archer. This symbol for this sign does not do justice in explaining the traits and characteristics of this sign. In my research I would like to use the symbol of the Lupus for this sign.

Lupus (the Wolf) is non controversial. It tries its best to not get into controversies. The Lupus is a sharp and excellent hunter and at the same time, it is a shy and reluctant enthusiast. If left undisturbed the Lupus would love to manage its own business. Non-interfering and reclusiveness is the trait of the Lupus. The recognizable feature of a Sagittarius rising is proportionately bigger and shapely thighs and buttocks. They have sharp eyes (that of a hunter) and are generally very good looking with distinct, delicate seeming facial features.

Sagittarius rising are generally non-controversial but they do have strong likes and dislikes. This sign is quite intuitive but always dismisses their intuition and then later regrets it. When angry or provoked, their anger is destructive, though it is not easy to push them to that point as they tend to be very tolerant and easy going for the most part. Criticism puts them in self doubt. One of their challenges is lack of self confidence. They generally need support to carry on their activities with confidence. Their major drawback is they can easily be confused by diverse views. This sign being ruled by Jupiter is quite spiritual and overly conscious of their Karma.

Health – prone to liver problems, digestion problems, stomach issues, acid reflux and indigestion, sciatica pain, and in extreme cases paralysis of the legs is also possible. They are more suited to a vegetarian diet and should avoid rich foods.

Relationship compatibility (Rising Sign)- Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra.

Lucky colors – Yellow, pink, red.

Lucky days – Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday

Lucky gems – Ruby, Yellow Sapphire, Red Coral

Lucky planets / periods / sub periods – Sun, Mars, Jupiter

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and denoted by the symbol of the adult male goat. Capricorn rules the knees and the bone structure. The typical recognizable feature of a Capricorn rising is a heavier upper body but relatively thinner body below the knees. They have large eyes, thick hair, and are generally good looking with a stoic personality. They appear very groomed and savvy.

The luckiest planet of the Capricorn rising is Venus and it makes them lucky in love and lucky in lottery / gambling / shares trading / speculation etc. They don’t need to do any calculations to speculate/gamble; they should just let their luck take care.

Capricorn rising is very popular with the opposite sex. They are also polygamus by trait. They don’t need to try very hard in love. Venus is the giver of 3 W’s (Wine, Women, and Wealth) and Venus is the planet of luck for Capricorn rising.

If Venus is well placed in their chart they can expect the 3 W’s in their life. If they also happen to have the period of Venus in their life it means 20 years of Rajyog (period of glory).

Another trait of Capricorns is their ability to plan, execute, and get things done without exposing their ideas, plans, or intentions. They are successful in almost all careers. They are also politically aware and can maneuver and manipulate their way to positions of authority. Once in a position of authority they play it safe. Being an Earth sign, they are very cautious in every move they make.

Health – prone to knee injuries, fractures, arthritis, indigestion and acid reflux.

Relationship compatibility (Rising Sign)-Capricorn, Pisces , Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio

Lucky colors – White, blue, Red, green

Lucky days – Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Lucky gems – Diamond, Emerald, Red Coral.

Lucky planets / periods / sub periods – Mars, Mercury, Venus.

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Saturn and denoted by the symbol of the water bearer or a pitcher of flowing water. Aquarius rules the calves, and the nervous system. 

The typical recognizable feature of the Aquarius is a proportionate body and rounded features. How I recognize an Aquarius Rising personality is when someone does not fit the characteristics of any other rising sign then I know they are for sure an Aquarius rising. Sometimes there is confusion between Aquarius rising and Virgo rising and the way to distinguish is that the Aquarius is more wallpaper-ish (preferring to be in the background), whereas the Virgo rising is more outgoing and prefers to be in the limelight.

The Aquarius traits are a very soft heart and a very high emotional IQ. It’s so high that they can sense the emotional state of not just other humans in their vicinity but also other living beings. They have a positive aura but they make too many plans and hardly execute them. They easily tear up at emotional scenes / situations. They are very compassionate to animals, birds and other living beings. They may not realize it, but they tend to absorb the suffering of other beings. They are easy going, fun loving, enjoy parties and good conversation and the company of friends. They tend to drink a lot of water which is not a problem at all. Being an air sign means they have less resistance to both heat and cold.

Health – prone to calf pain, anxiety, nervous disorders, hormonal issues, varicose veins.

Relationship compatibility (Rising Sign)- Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius

Lucky colors – White, blue, Red, green

Lucky days –  Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Lucky gems – Diamond, Emerald, Red Coral.

Lucky planets / periods / sub periods –  Mercury, Venus., Mars, Jupiter

Pisces is ruled by the planet Jupiter and it is symbolized by two fishes. Pisces rules the feet. 

The symbol of the two fishes does not do justice to this sign. In my reading and understanding this sign is better represented by the symbol of Crocodilia (the Crocodile). Look at the crocodile’s perfect outlines. Equally comfortable in water  and on land, and when it rests it looks perfectly majestic.

Pisces is characterized by its good looks, flawless features, and perfect body contour.

The recognizable traits of a Pisces rising is that they are perfectionists. Even 99% is not good enough for them. They just have this nagging desire to do things at 100% perfection. They keep challenging their own self to perform at 100%. Extremely fond of alcoholic drinks and intoxication. Born with leadership qualities and spiritual bent of mind. They are a stickler for their values and culture.

Health – prone to injuries of the feet, hormonal imbalance, sensitive skin, bunions and chilblains.

Relationship compatibility (Rising Sign)- Pisces , Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio

Lucky colors – Yellow, Silver, Red, green

Lucky days – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Lucky gems – Yellow Sapphire, Pearl, Emerald, 

Lucky planets / periods / sub periods – Jupiter, Moon, Mercury, 


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