Negativity Removal

Negativity Removal
Negativity Removal

Negative Energy Removal Surrey

Whether you’re celebrating an achievement or going through a rough patch, no one is immune to the ‘evil eye’ and negative energies. Sometimes even well-wishers may unintentionally project negative energy, which can hinder your progress in life. Our negativity removal services help remove those energies.

Evil eye clearing: 15 min – $25

Evil eye clearings use mantras, bells, and candles to ward off negative energies. Individuals should get these clearings done frequently to attract positive energy.

Evil eye clearing (home/office): 15 min – $50

Negative energies in the home or office can cause distress and problems. Removals through photographs help bring peace into those environments.

Entity/Spirit Removal Assessment (Individual): 20 min – $50

An assessment is necessary in order to see which areas of life are affected by the spirit and to assess the amount of time/work required for the removal.

Entity/Spirit Removal Assessment (Site Visit): Within Surrey – $120

Outside of Surrey – Case to case basis
Site visits are necessary to assess the space before starting the removal process.

Entity/Spirit Removal: $ Case to case basis


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