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About Us
About Us

Psychic Anagha

Psychic Anagha’s journey into the psychic and mystical realm began from observing her dad Acharya Rajesh and his interactions with clients, at her young age. Her psychic inclinations became evident when, once on a train journey, Acharya Rajesh woke up to find her, at age 3, reading the palm of a stranger on the train. Born with clairvoyance, Psychic Anagha often receives messages and premonitions. She specializes in tarot card readings, palm readings, and birth chart readings. 

About Us

Psychic Dhriti

Psychic Dhriti is a born clairvoyant. She was able to see spirits even as a little baby. Of course, it was frightening for a baby, but with time she got settled with her extraordinary vision. While Dhriti was still young, another clairvoyant distinguished the healing energy emanating from her palms. She delved into energy healing and has been hooked into it since. Dhriti is a natural healer and uses her healing energy to remove blockages, balance chakras, and tune energies.  

Dhriti was also very fascinated with tarot cards, and the lines on the palm. She developed her psychic senses further and became a tarot and palm reading expert as well. Psychic Dhriti has also mastered the use of crystals for chakra balancing/healing. 

About Us

Acharya Rajesh

Acharya Rajesh is a god-gifted clairvoyant who has been helping people for over thirty years. Whether it is astrology, palmistry, photo reading, aura reading, channeling, or negativity/spirit removal, he does it all with equal ease. One of the unique specialties of Acharya Rajesh is being able to see attached entities/spirits. 

Born into an atheist family, there were no initial takers for Acharya Rajesh’s visions and insights. He was always admonished that he was over imaginative. It was only much later, when the visions and insights of Acharya Rajesh started unfolding, that family members started taking him seriously. It took some time for Acharya Rajesh to himself identify the god-gifted talent that he had. Until his late teens, he had no idea that others did not have these abilities. When people would ask him “how do you know all this?” , his response would be “how do you NOT know all this?” 

He now uses his god-gifted talent to guide you in various matters that could range from understanding your cycles/oblique patterns, planetary influences, time periods, and hidden potential. He can also help resolve issues from the past, decode answers from your spiritual guides, and help connect you to mystical realms. 


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