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Energy Balancing
Energy Balancing

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The secret to happiness, wellbeing, and luck is energy. Per ancient wisdom, the powerhouse of energy in the human body is called Kundalini. The Kundalini energy powers and charges 7 main energy centers (Chakras) in the human body that control various aspects of human life. These 7 energy centers are -in descending order- Crown Chakra (Sahastrasar), Third-eye Chakra (Aangya), Throat Chakra (Vishuddhi), Heart Chakra (Anhat), Navel Chakra (Manibandh), Sacral Chakra (Swadishthaan), and Root Chakra (Mooladhara). The powerhouse of energy in the human body (the kundalini) is located 2 inches below the lowest energy center (the Root/Mooladhara Chakra).

Any center (chakra) when blocked disrupts the aspect associated with that center (chakra). The energy can get constricted, blocked, or diverted due to stress, bad body posture, or trauma. Regain happiness, wellbeing, and luck by removing blockages, and by re-aligning and re-tuning your energy.

Chakra blockage removal: 20 min – $45
Each chakra represents certain parts of spiritual life. When one is blocked, it affects the energy movement of the kundalini, and can cause emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical problems in life. Relieving this blockage can open up more opportunities for growth. A Kundalini/Chakra Assessment is required prior to Chakra Blockage Removal. See our ‘Spirituality’ page under ‘Services’ for more information.
7 Chakra balancing: 40 min – $95
A balancing session is helpful in removing blockages from each of the seven chakras, and in tuning kundalini energy. The 7 Chakra balancing service includes evil-eye clearing as well.

Stress Reduction: 30 min – $75

Stress is an ingredient of modern life. It is important to frequently and continually de-stress ourselves to prevent overloading of stress. Overloading of stress is the harbinger of most modern illnesses like anxiety, panic, hypertension, and many more. This 30-minute session is aimed at relieving your stress and putting you in a deeply relaxed state. We use healing energy, relaxing music, and natural breathing techniques to de-stress.

Sleep Better: 60 min – $150

Do you have difficulties sleeping? This service uses techniques of natural breathing, optimal sleep posture, and relaxing music that can help induce sleep or reach a deeply relaxed state. A deeply relaxed state is the precursor to sleep. This service is most effective if practiced 2 sessions per week, for a month.

Book a package of 5 sessions for $700, and save $50!


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